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Dive Into Parksville: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Local Swimming Spots
Posted: Jun 4, 2024
  • Book now to access our indoor pool facilities!

    Book now to access our indoor pool facilities!
Summer has arrived along with the warm weather! If you're planning a visit to us this season, or considering a trip in the near future, check out our top 10 picks for the best swimming spots around Parksville.

1. Top Bridge Park & Regional Trail

Located in the heart of Englishman River Regional Park, Top Bridge Park is a cherished local hideout. Enjoy the natural lazy river, take a daring jump off 'the nose', or relax on its inviting beaches.

📍 249 Allsbrook Road

2. Rathtrevor Beach

Rathtrevor Beach's warm waters are ideal after the tide rolls in over the sun-baked sand. Surrounded by majestic Douglas Fir trees, it's a haven for nature enthusiasts and bird watchers alike.

📍 1240 Rath Road

3. Oceanside Village Resort Pool & Hot Tub

Our on-site swimming pool provides plenty of room for family fun, yet allows serious swimmers to get a good workout. Both our pool and hot tub are kept pristine with a chlorine system, which ensures you enjoy clean, clear water, and are available for guest use only.

📍 1080 Resort Dr

4. Cameron Lake

Crystal-clear waters and sandy shores await at Cameron Lake. Though unmonitored, the beach is a popular spot for a safe and enjoyable swim.

📍 4655 Alberni Highway

5. Parksville Community Beach

Ideal for families, this beach features calm waters and an expansive area during low tide for shell hunting and beachfront playground fun.

📍 Corfield Street North

6. Spider Lake

Spider Lake's prohibition on motorized boats ensures a peaceful environment. Its central sandy beach and friendly fishing spots make it a local favorite.

📍 Lakeview Road

7. Brickyard Community Park

Though its rocky beach might deter sunbathers, Brickyard Community Park offers excellent swimming conditions and breathtaking ocean views.

📍 3828 Amberwood Lane

8. Qualicum Beach

With its gentle waters and scenic promenade, Qualicum Beach is particularly family-friendly, providing a safe and picturesque setting for everyone.

📍 Highway 19A

9. Horne Lake

Explore the unique Horne Lake Caves or simply enjoy the expansive swimming area set against a dramatic mountain backdrop.

📍 3890 Horne Lake Caves Road

10. Ravensong Aquatic Centre

A repeat favorite, Ravensong Aquatic Centre caters to swimmers of all skill levels with its extensive indoor facilities.

📍 737 Jones Street