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Delving into Parksville's Fall Delights
Posted: Sep 15, 2023
  • Silver Meadows Farm

    Silver Meadows Farm
  • Serious Coffee

    Serious Coffee
  • Visit Parksville Qualicum Beach

    Visit Parksville Qualicum Beach
  • Fern and Cedar

    Fern and Cedar
  • Arrowsmith Brewing

    Arrowsmith Brewing

Revitalize at Oceanside Village Resort

Parksville, in its fall glory, is a mosaic of vibrant colors and experiences. Right in its midst stands the Oceanside Village Resort. Here, every dawn is a fresh invitation to experience rejuvenation. For those who believe in starting the day with energy, our fitness room, equipped with top-notch gear, beckons. And, for those who prefer a slow start, our serene surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for a leisurely morning.

Dive into Fall-Themed Adventures

Hunt for the Ideal Pumpkin at Silver Meadows Farm

The excitement of fall is incomplete without the joy of pumpkin carving. Silver Meadows Farm not only offers a plethora of pumpkins to choose from but also adds the thrill of navigating a corn maze. This is the kind of place where both kids and adults rediscover the magic of the season.

Relish Warm Drinks

There's something incredibly comforting about sipping on a hot beverage as the cool fall breeze brushes past. French Press Coffee Roasters in Parksville serves up some of the most aromatic coffees. But if you're in the mood for something spicier, the pumpkin spice chai tea latte from Serious Coffee is an absolute must-try.

Savor Craft Beer on Cozy Patios

October in Parksville brings with it the Parksville Qualicum Beach Tasting Passport challenge. As leaves crunch underfoot, it's a delight to sample craft beers from places like Fern + Cedar or Mount Arrowsmith Brewing Company. Their patios, offering splendid views, are the perfect spots to relax and soak in the fall atmosphere.

Ending on a High Note

Fall in Parksville is not just a season; it's an emotion. Every experience, every flavor adds to the symphony of memories. And amplifying this entire experience is the Oceanside Village Resort, ensuring each moment is cherished.