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Cabins in Fall: Parksville's Ultimate Retreat
Posted: Sep 1, 2023
  • Oceanside Village Resort

    Oceanside Village Resort
    The Island Cottage Escape with Space to Breathe
  • Tranquil Moments Salon and Spa

    Tranquil Moments Salon and Spa
  • Springford Farm

    Springford Farm
    Providing local food to our community and visitors of Nanoose Bay
  • Silver Meadows Farm

    Silver Meadows Farm
    Silver Meadows Farm is a local business located in Errington
  • Englishman River Estuary

    Englishman River Estuary
  • North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre

    North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre
    They Need Us. We Need You!
  • Riptide Lagoon Adventure Mini Golf

    Riptide Lagoon Adventure Mini Golf
    Our family fun activities include miniature golf, arcade and laser bumper cars.

Oceanside Village Resort’s Offerings

Parksville's beauty reaches its zenith during fall. And to truly relish this, there's no better place than Oceanside Village Resort. Our cabins, designed to ensure maximum comfort, are set in nature steps away from one of Vancouver Islands most sought after beaches. But that's not where our offerings end. The on-site Tranquil Moments Salon & Day Spa stands ready to take your relaxation to another level, making your holiday truly unforgettable.

Fall Activities for Every Traveler

Celebrate the Season of Harvest

Parksville's agricultural richness comes to the fore during fall. A visit to places like Springford Farm and Silver Meadows Farm stores provides insight into the region's bountiful produce. It's a joy to walk around, soaking in the sights and perhaps picking up fresh produce to relish.

Bird Watch & Admire Fall's Natural Canvas

Nature enthusiasts, Parksville has a treat in store for you! The Englishman River Estuary is a haven for bird watching. With each visit, one can witness a myriad of birds against the backdrop of fall colors. And for an up-close experience with majestic creatures like owls and eagles, the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre is the place to be.

Fun Times at Riptide Lagoon Adventure Mini Golf

Adjacent to our resort, Riptide Lagoon Adventure Mini Golf offers a cocktail of fun and excitement. It's not just about golf; with laser tag bumper cars and an arcade room, there's something to keep every family member engaged.

Signing Off

As fall paints Parksville in its glorious hues, every activity, every moment becomes special. Ensuring these memories are etched in gold is the Oceanside Village Resort. A stay here is not just a holiday; it's an experience of a lifetime.