To our Valued Guests,

The health and safety of our Guests and Teammates continues to be our highest priority.

As our cottages are fully independent, Oceanside Village Resort is a great choice for accommodations. Please be aware that global travel restrictions continue to be in effect.

We are following the guidance of government and health authorities.

We are closely following the direction of The BC Ministry of Health, Worksafe BC, and the BC Hotel Association. Beyond our already high standards of cleanliness in the cottages, we are ensuring that the cottages are meticulously cleaned as well as sanitized, including all high touch surfaces, all linens washed on highest setting and all dishes run through dishwasher.

We are assigning a gap of 24 hours between each guest stay, wherever possible.

In the office, we are continually sanitizing all high touch surfaces such as pin pad, door handles, countertops, and have a 1 guest limit in the lobby at a time in order to maintain the recommended 2 metre distance.

If you are exhibiting any flu symptoms or have been in close contact with anyone diagnosed with Covid-19 you must self-isolate for at least 10 days. Please do not visit our Resort at this time.

Pool Re-Opening Safety Plan

  1. Only registered guests and owners can use the pool facility
  2. Sign in sheets must be filled by guests and owners each time they use the facility to limit the number of people inside
    1. Only Fifteen (15) persons will be allowed in the pool facility at any one time.
    2. All persons under the age of Fourteen (14) must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
    3. Guests to sign in when using the pool. Guests may sign their names in to reserve a time slot.
    4. Guests to mark the sign in sheet once they are leaving.
    5. All users to use hand sanitizer upon entering the building
    6. NO footwear on pool deck
    7. All user of pool MUST shower before using pool and should shower upon leaving.
  3. The following signage will be posted throughout the facility:
    • capacity limits;
    • COVID-19 symptoms;
    • who is restricted from participating, including staff and patrons with COVID-19 symptoms, recent international travel, or recent close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19;
    • physical distancing expectations in locker rooms, pool deck and in the pools;
    • hygiene and respiratory etiquette.
    • Post occupancy limits for common areas such as change rooms and washrooms.
  4. No congregating in waiting areas, and guests should wait in an appropriately spaced line or way that observes social distancing
  5. Social distancing should be followed in all common areas
  6. Guests must keep a 2m distance between unassociated swimmers (i.e. not family members)
  7. Guests must keep a 2m distance between groups of no more that 6 people. Family groups and unrelated individuals must maintain a 2m separation.
  8. Only two (2) persons/one (1)family will be allowed in the hot tub at any given time.
  9. Tables and chairs are spaced to facilitate a 2m distance
  10. Directional arrows will be placed through out the facility to keep traffic separated and avoid risk of contact
  11. Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of high-touch areas (door handles, faucets, bathrooms, handrails, and chairs). Cleaning and sanitization of bathrooms are to be done twice a day (before opening, mid-day, and late afternoon).
  12. Log sheets are provided to cleaners to record when cleaning and sanitization was performed.
  13. Increased sanitization of high touch points such as door handles, shower tap, etc.
  14. Provide a consistent supply of liquid soap, paper towels and garbage receptacles to encourage hand washing among guests.
  15. Hand sanitizer stations to be installed throughout the facility.
  16. Masks should not be worn in the water by guests, as they present a safety risk.
  17. Masks are encouraged to be worn by guests on the deck or other areas of the facility.

The Management Team
Oceanside Village Resort