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February 2017 Bird Walks

Posted By:  Kathy Fraser on Apr 25, 2017
American Dipper
American DipperGreater YellowlegsHooded MerganserRingbilled Gull 

February 14, 2017 - Columbia Beach

The Tuesday bird walk went to Columbia Beach. The morning was cloudy with a strong wind off the Strait of Georgia.

Several large flocks of Brant Geese were heading up the Strait. A Brandts Cormorant, several Pacific Loons, Common Loons, Greater Scaup, Harlequin Ducks and Surf Scoters were seen offshore. One Marbled Murrelet, an Ancient Murrelet and a Common Murre were seen further offshore.

One Ring-billed Gull, two Black-bellied Plovers, four Killdeer, four Greater Yellowlegs, twenty Black Turnstones and three Black Oystercatchers were feeding alone the shore near the gravel bar.

A Northern Shoveler was spotted feeding along French Creek. Four California Quail were seen hiding in a bush just off the trail at French Creek.

Twenty-two birders, including visiting birders from Vancouver, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Washington State saw and heard forty-five species.

February 21, 2017 - Deep Bay

The Tuesday bird walk on February 21, 2017 went to Deep Bay. The morning was sunny and warm and the winds were calm. The Strait of Georgia was as smooth as glass.

Four Trumpeter Swans flew over head. A large number of Surf Scoters, White-winged Scoters and Black Scoters were seen and heard on the water not far from shore.

A flock of at least sixty-eight Long-tailed Ducks were about fifty feet from shore and entertained us with their singing for a good part of the morning. A Pigeon Guillemot in winter plumage was spotted near the boats.

A White-crowned Sparrow, two Golden-crowned Sparrows were in the bushes along the roadway and there were several House Finch's were perched and singing just off the road. Spring is here!!

Fourteen birders saw and heard forty-four species.

February 28, 2017 - Brant Viewing Platform in Qualicum Beach and the Little Qualicum River Fish Hatchery

The Tuesday bird walk on February 28, 2017 went to the Brant viewing platform in Qualicum Beach and the Little Qualicum River Fish Hatchery. The morning was mostly sunny with cloudy periods and calm winds.

The surprise sightings of the morning was a Sanderling and a Eurasian Widgeon, feeding along the shoreline at the viewing platform, with Black Turnstones, Killdeer, a Black-bellied Plover and four Black Oystercatchers.

Many Surf Scoters, four Long-tailed Ducks, two Pacific Loons and six Common Loons were seen further off shore. Four Trumpeter Swans flew high overhead the hatchery, heading down the Island.

We spotted two singing American Dippers on the river at the Fish Hatchery. A large number of Golden-crowned Kinglets and Ruby-crowned Kinglets were seen feeding on a tree just off the snow covered trails. A Coopers Hawk was seen flying high overhead.

A large number of American Robins scurrying about throughout the morning. A Varied Thrush was spotted in a tree near the trail. Three Snow Geese, feeling quite at home in the snowy conditions, flew overhead just above the trees.

Seventeen birders saw and heard forty-six species.

Posted By: Neil Robins on Mar 17, 2017
copyright: 2017 Parksville Qualicum Beach Tourism

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